Staff interacted positively with the children, acknowledging success and building self-esteem by praising their ideas and achievements.Unannounced Care Inspectorate Visit, January 2017

READ our latest Care Inspectorate Report (January 2017) HERE!


Meet The Team



I have a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and experience working with children at Lothian Autistic Society, kings camps and still work with rugby tots. I enjoy keeping children fit through everyday sports and inventing new games and challenges for those in my care where they can have lots of fun and feel healthy.




I am a qualified Montessori Teacher and have done an NVQ4 in business management and at present I am one module from completing my B.A in childhood practice. I have run childcare facilities both down south and up here for the last 25 years. As a team we seek to give the children in our care variety, challenges, fun and freedom and empower them to have confidence in all they try.



I come from the Basque region and am a qualified chemistry teacher. I love creating experiments with the children but also love running around and playing games in the playground and in the bowling green and the park. It is good to be creative and active!



I work as a Sports Playworker with the children on fun outdoor games. I run our Monday League football training and games. I work building up children’s fitness through fun. I have a degree in sports coaching and development which I attained with Honours.



I am a qualified music teacher from Argentina. As a play worker I enjoy teaching the children some Spanish and love joining in with playground games, creating music, new crafts and introducing new sports to the children.



I work as a play supervisor at the club and have been here for over 4 years. I have HNC in early education and childcare and am working towards Honours in Occupational Therapy. I enjoy my time with the children especially if I can introduce new art and craft ideas.



I have an M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology and have studied psychology and sociology at Edinburgh University and just completed a course on Educational support. I love encouraging the children through drama, arts and crafts and enabling children to have fun through a variety of artistic mediums.


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“We have two hands: one to help ourselves
and the second to help others”


  • ‘At the club I have learned how to do magic, football, baking, card games and how to use manners’
  • ‘You get to choose what you do and you get lots of choices’
  • ‘I have made lots of new friends that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t come here’
  • ‘We go outside a lot and I like to play football and a game called steal the bacon’

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    We Love Experimenting

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    We Love Messy Play

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    We Love Trying New Things

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    We Love Being Active

Our Core Values

Children’s Development

We aim to provide an out-of-school service for children of primary school age which develops activities and opportunities appropriate to each child’s needs and interests, through the support of a dedicated team of staff.

Support Children’s Development

We aim to support children’s development socially, physically, creatively,
intellectually, and emotionally, with elements of choice and equality for ALL
child members.

Flexible and Safe Environment

We aim to support the needs of parent/guardian members by offering a flexible and safe environment, which supports their childcare needs.

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We always like to hear from parents. Feel free to drop in or contact us.


Monday – Thursday 2:45pm – 5:45pm

Friday 12pm – 5:45pm

Holidays 8:15am – 5:45pm


Address 134 Broughton Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4LD

Phone 0131 556 9117



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